Nana Rosa

Marcus, Nana & Lohena
Children's Discovery Center 10.2.2012

My mother-in-law Rosa flew in from Seattle for two weeks to help us out while everyone was sick. She has helped nurse us back to health, cook, clean, and babysit. Thank you for letting me sleep in every day. Not only are the kids a little bit more spoiled but so am I. Thank you for all that you did for us even though you had to sleep on the bottom bunk!
My dear Marcus was so sad to see Nana leave, he cried tonight in his bed. I expected something like this. He did this the last two times she came and left. It just broke my heart. When Marcus was born we lived with Nana for a year and together they formed such a strong bond. We will see you soon! 
Love and miss you already! xoxo

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