Haunted Lagoon

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PCC Haunted Lagoon

Last night for Family Home Evening we went with the whole family to the Polynesian Cultural Center to ride the Haunted Lagoon. The Haunted Lagoon is a canoe ride throughout the PCC about a woman who lost her child. In fact, I didn't really follow it too well with all the yelling and screaming, but it was worth the price.

Anyway, this would seem super scary for little kids, so PCC has a keiki ride. It's the same thing but toned down. Good thinking; we thought we were so clever. Anyway, we bought tickets for the kids to ride the keiki canoe and grandpa was going to take them so the adults could ride the scary ride. Yay for us.
BUT Of course what happened? PCC made a mistake and the kids "keiki ride" was treated like a regular adult ride. The kids were so scared! I felt so terrible for them and they asked to never come back again. *sigh. After I felt bad, I was pissed. How do you make that mistake. Ugh. Anyway, judging by the fact that they were able to sleep in their beds the whole night I think they are doing okay.

Happy Halloween!

Spiderman, Lightning McQueen & Spiderman
(Lohena, Kamahele & Marcus)

Alana, Layla, Kamaile & Kahala

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