Layla's Blessing

Layla's Blessing
(We struggled at a family photo!)

This past Sunday we blessed baby Layla. She was such a doll in her white outfit, headband and the beautiful white blanket grandma made. She didn't even cry and Cameron remembered her whole middle name and didn't have to use his cheat sheet. Cameron was able to give Layla a blessing and a beautiful one at that. I guess I will never truly understand the love a father has for his daughter. With every word spoken I could feel the spirit and it was strong. I wasn't sure if Cameron was going to make it all the way through. He blessed her with love, worthiness and prosperity. He blessed her that when the time comes she will find a worthy spouse that will treat her like the daughter of Heavenly Father that she is.

To all my family that came to celebrate and those who were able to be in the circle, thank you. I know it was a lot to wake up for 8 am church. Thank you for being a part of Layla's life and our's as well. What a touching moment to see Cameron, My dad, my two brothers, Kahi and Lopaka in the blessing as well. (Lopaka, I can't wait to go through the temple with you. xoxo) Thank you to Tyler, B, Shawn, and Megazar. 

Husband, thank you for giving her the blessing and for being worthy to do so. Also, thank you for honoring your priesthood. I don't know if you truly understand the magnitude of what that gift is and what it means to me. I am grateful to have it in my home and I thank my father for setting that high standard for me. Please give us blessing often.

To my children, I have such an amazing testimony of this Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and I am blessed to be your mother. What an opportunity to be your mother here on Earth, I need to always remember that, especially when I am thinking, "Dear God, why me?!" I'm sure you boys are thinking the same thing as well. "Why us!?" The Lord has entrusted me with you and our eternal family. I have a testimony of our living God and our living Prophet of whom he speaks through. We are given many trials and blessings here on Earth and our goal is to return to him together as a family. Please never forget to stay close to the Lord and keep life in perspective. Service others often and remember that when you are in the service of your fellow man you are in the service of God. Remember why you are here and what your purpose is and you will indeed prosper. 

I love you all.

And, to Layla. You are such a joy to us. Continue to grow and grace us with all that you have to offer. You have endured much at such a young age already and we are so glad that you are healthy and strong. You have a such a sweet spirit and disposition. Go far in this life and set your standards high. Be dedicated, passionate, loyal and loving. Strive to follow your dreams and get as much education in this life, for knowledge is the key to success. You will always be my baby and I know daddy's little girl. 

I Love you ~ Mom xoxo

The enitre crazy Durrett eternal family...for now.

Just had to share these 3 crazy cousins!
Lohena, Bobo & Marcus

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  1. Well said Momma, it was a beautiful blessing! It is awesome to see the family together in church and to think our Family is Forever! They are also beautiful too. Kamaile, your awesome yourself and as an Aunt, I'm so proud of you.