Kids say the darndest things

My kids never cease to amaze me when they open their mouths. Sometimes I think "what are you talking about" and other times I cringe because I know exactly where they got that exasperated sigh from or that sassy-filled "gosh". Yikes.

But to go along with my recent posts on enjoying every day and every moment, I have to back track a little and tell you some of the darndest things my kids have told me this week, and it's only Wednesday morning.

First of all, you all know how much Lohena, my younger son adores me. He tells everyone that we are boyfriend and girlfriend. He always cuddles and wants to play with my hair. He wants to hold hands and is constantly giving me compliments of how beautiful I am. (Yes, I am worried for when be becomes interested in other girls) Anyway, he and I were at the mall and I went into one of my favorite addictions, I mean stores, MAC cosmetics to recycle some old containers and in doing so I received 3 free lipsticks. After much debate and encouragement, I tried "candy yum yum" the hot, neon pink lipstick, and Lohena and I both agreed  it was for me.

Later in the privacy of our car, he again complimented me and then nonchalantly asked,"mom, you're my girlfriend ya?" With an all-expecting nod I replied, "Yes." Then with a coy smile he asked, "when we go home you want to kiss?"

He was dead serious I knew he was to. And when we got home, he surprised me and planted a big one on me. He was not only proud but laughed and giggled with delight when he saw the bright pink lips on his face. :)

Sunday night my wonderful husband had planned and led Family Home Evening. A weekly gathering with the family to go over schedules, accomplishments, have a short Christ-centered lesson, sing some fun songs and usually follow up with a treat for all. Well, this FHE we learned about how we believe Families Can Be Together Forever. What an amazing and reassuring gift.

Anyway, I did not, I repeat, DID NOT make any dessert this time. So after our amazing lesson, Marcus who so obviously wanted dessert yells out "This family is junk!" Ummm EXCUSE ME?! Did we not just learn to love your family? So Cameron and I went back and forth with our extremely stubborn five year old and apologized that there was no dessert tonight. It eventually escalated which led to a dramatic display of stomping up the stairs and followed with the dreaded four little words, "I hate you mom."

*STAB*IN*THE*HEART*** die mom die....I'm on the floor....

I must admit I knew those words would come one day and I MAY have heard them whispered under a breath before, but this time it caught me by such surprise.

My reaction after just having this lesson on Families can be together Forever....I LAUGHED HYSTERICALLY!!

I know I shouldn't have but the timing of it was so humorous and completely ironic. After I gathered my breath and realized that my laughing made it worse, I managed to spit out, "Sorry buddy, you're stuck with me FOREVER!!!!"

And who said Children weren't rewarding?!?


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