Early morning pleasures

Recently I have been debating what the better option might be for my 1st grader who thoroughly loves his sleep.
Options: 1. Let him sleep in as absolutely long as possible and then wake him up and "hurry" (read previous post) him through his morning routine. OR 2. Wake him up early even if it means the same time my alarm is knocking to remind me another day has come, and even if it is before the sun.

I just know how much Marcus loves his sleep that I want to give him that extra time everyday. However, yesterday when I did that, we rushed to get him out the door. And no one wants to be rushed.

Today on this cool, crisp morning when my alarm began to gently chirp at me, I had already been awake. The breeze had me bundled up (with Lohena apparently) and the sun kissed my cheeks. I quietly and gently went to wake my peaceful child and coaxed him out of his bed. He disagreed but eventually joined me downstairs for breakfast.

Marcus and I ate our granola with fresh peaches, per his request, and we debated over what kind of healthy snacks he would take for lunch. While we ate our breakfast, just he and I, I read to him two of his recent library picks, When Dinosaur's Go Visiting and There once was an old monkey who swallowed a frog. In the short extra 15 minutes Marcus and I had to share it was our special one-on-one time. No interruptions, just me and him, doing something he likes and laughing and discussing why that silly monkey would swallow a frog.

After he left for school with the carpool, I came back into the quite house and had an overwhelming warm feeling of love. Because Marcus and I are so similar, I mean we could be twins, it's a little more difficult for us to get along at times. Nevertheless, that does not mean that I don't enjoy him or love him with all my heart, I most certainly do. But getting these little moments and making the best of them, allowed me to reflect on how important it is for me to nurture and love unconditionally. To enjoy every minute, giggle, tear and meltdown. I want it all, and I wouldn't change it for the world!

I hope I always remember and take joy in life's simple pleasures.

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