Big Island Vacation 2013

A few weeks ago I was asked to do hair and makeup for a wedding in the Big Island. The bride was kind enough to send my sister and I over for free, so instead of taking the time to myself to run away for the day, I decided to turn it into a Heide Family Vacation! I think this is only second time that we have gone on vacation. A real vacation, not a "visit" to see family. Cameron and I were looking forward to taking some much needed time off. Cameron has been working obscene amounts of hours at work and with our personal business, and I have been longing for some vacation and family time.

The night before I packed everyone's bags and loaded it in the car. I told the boys we were going for a ride and we ended up at the airport.
They were so excited! They kept running around and jumping exclaiming how much they love us.
The 40 minute flight was just long enough for me to handle between who gets to sit near the window and a toddler who is constantly trying to wiggle out of my arms. Although, she did pretty well since she spent most of her time flirting with the flight attendant.

Luckily, my close friend was gracious enough to house us at her beautiful mansion and feed us as well. They have a huge pool with a pirate ship with slides that we just couldn't get enough of. I did eventually dry them off and drug them out for some sight seeing. 

"Helenihi Resort"

We saw the Volcano and learned about lava and lava rocks. We even learned about the Hawaiian Legends and Pele-The Fire Goddess. We were lucky enough to see some "smoke" and feel the hot steam right on our faces. 
We walked through a real "lava tube" which Marcus was deathly afraid of, that lasted all about 2 minutes. 

And managed to get a half-way decent family photo in too. 

Unfortunately, after a day at the Volcano and the sulfur in the air, it was followed up with a trip to the Urgent Care for Layla and her breathing. But, after one treatment of albuterol, she was fine. 

We visited the Big Island Candies Factory- my favorite! YUM!!
 "Mom, they have so many FREE cookies here," Marcus said, as she stuffed his face with "samples".

And of course we ate at some of Cam's and my favorite restaurants when we traveled with BYU-H. 
Layla in her "Sassy Seat" at Ken's Pancake House. 
She definitely is "sassy", she ate all the banana mac pancakes.

Overall, it was a fun filled week. It is nice to be home again, but the time away and together as a family was wonderful. Until our next family adventure. 

For a SPECIAL TREAT: click on this link to see Lohena "walk the plank"!

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