Happy 4th BIRTHDAY Hena BOY

Ok, I know Rosa is dying because I have not been keepin up with my blog! So here we go.

Let's start with today.


I just love this kid.
He sucks his fingers to fall asleep and pulls my hair. H's loud, fun and outgoing. And he is the sweetest kid I know. He doesn't have a mean bone in his body. He is definitely a lover. He loves his friends and family; and the ladies a little too much! He is always concerned about me and my well-being. He is stubborn but so quick to apologize. He never holds a grudge and is just full of life. He is daring and brave, too brave for mom. He has broken bones, cracked his head and runs into something on a daily. He has big dreams and knows that he can achieve anything he wants to. I love his cuddles, his long kisses and sweet personality.
I am truly in love with this kid and extremely grateful to have him in my life.
I love you Hena-Boy!

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