February Mash-up

It seems as if February, the month of "love" doesn't really get all the attention that it deserves in our house hold. I blame it on the fact that my birthday is just a few days before, so unfortunately it always gets clumped together for me. But a celebration regardless is still a celebration! yay!

So yes, on the 10th I turned 28! 
so far I feel exactly the same. 
we celebrated with dinner and hot tubing! 

I also got this cheesy card from Cameron which I absolutely adore and tickets to James Taylor in April. Can't wait to make a little weekend out of it.
But seriously, if our hearts could talk, I'd bet they'd go on and on about how perfect they are for each other.
Anyway, we are so alike, his original plan was to take me to Disneyland for 5 days! JUST US!!!! But, when he asked the "babysitter", there was no way she could handle the kids and Layla (who only drinks breast milk) for that long. I'm glad, and it wouldn't have been the right time, BUT major brownie points for trying! 
 I Love you Cameron!!!!

Valentines came and I had the bright idea of making cookies for Marcus' and Lohena's class. Man, this took me forever. Literally hours....never again. Next year i will not try to be cute I will resort to those little box cards and I will tape a fruit snack to it!!!! Oh, yes I will.

I "mustache" you a question. Will you be my Valentine? 
They were super cute though huh?!? 
Dang you pinterest!

 My Valentine's "attack". 

I LOVE this. I have this hanging in our room and you can write whatever you want on it. The other morning I woke up to this. Hahaha...Love you...fatty! 

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