Happy 5th!

Happy 5th Birthday Marcus!

I cannot believe that Marcus is 5 years old today. Where has the time gone? 

Dear Marcus,

Thank you for being an awesome son and an even better older brother. You have such a sweet spirit and require so much love and patience. Mommy and daddy try to do our best when you get so shy and refuse to try new things. And we get so proud when you finally try something new and your face lights up with delight and accomplishment. I hope I do my best when you have a burning desire to learn and ask a million questions. I now know which planet and city every super hero is from and all about your likes and interests.

I hope that we show it enough and say it often that we LOVE you! I know it's not easy to be the oldest but you handle it well. Please continue to grow physically, emotionally and spiritually. Continue to fill this home with laughter and love. Remember the Lord always, and keep singing those primary songs!

I love you always and forever,
Mom xoxo

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