This year Marcus participated in his very first AYSO Soccer Season. Cameron and I were so excited and like always, Marcus was super hesitant. It's one of those, I really want to try but instead of telling you that, instead I am going to cry and laugh and say I don't want to do it and make you drag me out on to the field and then constantly ask after, "did I do a good job?"

It really is darling but oh so frustrating. But, that's our Marcus.
Needless to say, after 6 weeks he was an aggressive soccer machine, I hardly recognized him. He went from, "I can't take the ball away from other kids" to "Did you see me score?"
We really are proud of him and once he found out he was going to receive a medal, it was like, "when is soccer?" He was totally focused on getting that medal. 

Cameron, thank you for making time every Saturday morning to participate with Marcus! AYSO did a really cool thing this year, no weekly practice. Just a girls and boys session every Saturday. Practice, followed by half hour of scrimmage and they even provided all the snacks. The only thing, a parent has to participate. I know he loved that special time, and me being 9 months pregnant in the hot sun, I really, really appreciated it! So thank you! Many, many more Saturday's to go...

Marcus good job! Keep growing and learning buddy, and maybe you will play basketball, baseball or volleyball (ya! Left handed pitcher or setter?? Yes please) Proud mommy!!

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