ELi-James Lohenaokealaka`i Heide 7.09.09

When I think of Lohena I think of my love-bug.
Hena-boy made 2 this past July. Where has the time gone.
My sweet, easy-baby is growing everyday.
He has his papa Heide's big hands, his father's mischievous smile, sensitive like his mother and intuitive and quick to learn.
Every morning my cuddle-bug stumbles into my bed.
 I don't even think he know he does it. I wake every morning with him playing with my hair, and him sucking on his two fingers (middle and ring).
He is stubborn, loving, and kind.
He is sweet and funny.
He makes me laugh every day.
And he has the role of being the "baby" down.
I am such a sucker for him.
He has no fear. 
He is willing to try anything and will jump off of anything.
He is a daredevil.
I know that I will have my hands full with him in the future.

I love you Hena-Boy!

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