It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

December 3, 2011

Our tree is finally up. 
It is decorated and shining. 
It stands a little taller than four feet but it's symbolic presence is that of a giant.
The children know that it is the Christmas Season.
Our little home is filled with the smell of pine, and the lights shine bright.
The kids looked forward to the weekend, where we could pick up the tree and
Marcus picked this little guy out and he fits perfectly in our home.
With the Christmas music playing, Cameron and I watched the kids in their Santa hats decorate the tree.
Marcus and Lohena couldn't stop talking and bouncing around they were so excited!

This year feels so different.
 The hustle and bustle hasn't really hit me yet, 
the shopping is done and there wasn't much that the kids asked for.
I think this year with the boys being a little older will be a good opportunity to teach them about the true meaning of Christmas. 
I am so thankful to have Christ in my life. He leads us, comforts us and died for us.
This season is a celebration of his life.
I hope everyone is enjoying this Christmas Season!
Happy Holiday's!

Lohena 2011

Marcus 2011

The boys

My babies

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