Marcus 9.10.2007

This is Marcus.
My fun-loving, creative, extremely stubborn and shy 4-year old.
It's funny.
I've been trying to upload these photos of him to mark his 4 year old shots, all-day now. Only now I have been able to sit down and blog. Ironically, here I am trying to be sweet and sentimental of where-oh-where-has-the-time-gone, kind-of post all the while
Marcus is screaming in a full-blown tantrum in his room.
I cannot help but giggle to myself.
I'm sure my neighbors at this very moment think I am beating my child senseless. If only they knew he was doing it to himself.
This kid is a funny one to explain.
My mom says he and I are the same.
I guess this is payback.
Beside the occasional temper tantrum Marcus really is a good kid.
He listens and picks up quickly. He is a great big-brother, he loves to learn.
He draws until the pen run out of ink and sings "It's a Small World" every single day.
He wants to please others and is so scared to try anything new. He keeps me on my toes and reminds me of why it is such an amazing pleasure to be his mother.

Marcus, I love you and hope that you have a life filled with love, adventures and wisdom.

Thank you Alana Yates, my not-so-baby sister for the wonderful photos.
He was such a little poser.
Alana Yates Photo+Design

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