We survived the TSUNAMI

In my family we call it "Durrett Luck". The can't-catch-a-break-all-you-can-do-is-laugh kind of luck. Although I may be a Heide now, the blood of the Durrett still runs strong. Needless to say, of course the already super short week that I am home, is the week that Hawaii has a tsunami warning and I am confined to the house all day with nothing to do; but listen to the same spiel on the news and fall in and out of some much needed sleep!

Luckily , we were able to keep ourselves entertained with Beatles Rock Band. {Marcus' favorite}

Marcus & Cousin Kira Tsunami 2010

Marcus wasn't plugged in and Kira can't really read, but they were still able to finish every song and with an average of 70%!

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