This is why it's hard to leave...

Beautiful Beaches
Sunshine (forgot how nice that was!)

Hanging out with the family
Uncle Piko & Cousin Kira
Grandma with her grand babies
(just missing Kamahele)
Good times...
As you know this trip was short. Kind of a tease. As I have gotten older and so have the children, it truly gets harder and harder to leave. Finally Marcus is comfortable around my family, and finally he and Kira are best buds. Marcus played so hard I hardly saw him. My mom was afraid he wasn't going to warn up to her and the first day we got in he wanted to go with grandma and uncle piko by himself. The next day he went with grandma to work. Everyday when Kira went to school he was so bummed and waited patiently for "dira" to return. We indulged in custard filled malasadas, shave ice with mochi, snow cap, and ice cream (dang thing cost $5) and lots of plate lunch. Even though Marcus kept telling grandma "Hawaii hot" he didn't want to leave her behind. And when grandpa dropped us off at the airport, and he didn't understand I struggled to fight back tears! As Cameron always says give me a week and I'll be fine. ;o)
I miss my family so much and am so thankful for all that they have given me.
Thank you for raising me in such a beautiful place. Thank you for exposing me to such a loving and extremely unique culture that cannot compare. I have truly been blessed to be so loved, I hope I can give the same things to my children.
we LOVE you!

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