shi-shi water

Marcus & Lohena bath time 2009

Every Tuesday night I have the opportunity to play volleyball with a co-ed league in Kirkland; and it truly is my sanctuary. I am so lucky that Cameron watches the boys and puts them to bed so that I can have some time to myself.

Tonight when I came home and inquired about the boys, Cameron told me the story about the "shi-shi water".

Mom and dad's you know the story. The occasional poop and shi-shi in the bath water, right? Let me tell you, when Marcus learned to fart in the tub he thought it was the funniest thing EVER!

Well, tonight Marcus sat in the tub "washing" (we know he was really playing) with himself when he told Cam that he had to shi-shi. Just then he looked down to examine the situation and lo and behold he sprayed himself right in the chin. He was so upset and grossed out, he flipped out. Of course Cameron laughed...and guess what, it didn't keep him from trying to drink the water later. Yuck!

Boys will be Boys!


  1. haha, oh the joys. Thats coming up around the corner for me!

  2. So Funny! Dane is totally obsessed with his thing, too.....BOYS!!!!! It doesn't go away, either!!! They are all obsessed! HA!