BOYS will be BOYS

Jason & Cameron 1983 showing off their muscles among other things. :o)

Marcus 2010 flexing his muscles.
Like father like son.
For those of you who have boys, you can attest to the FACT that boys are different from girls. They are just manufactured differently. They are born with these innate traits; traits that are not taught, just instilled in their minds and bodies.

For example, no one told my Marcus to take his cars and zoom them all around, he just does it. No one told him to fart on daddy's head, he just did it and laughed hysterically. No one told him that every time he is naked he needs to touch "it"; but he just does.

Recently he has been obsessed with a few things:
1. His basketball uniform that he has sported in probably every post.
2. His birth mark.
3. His, "you-know-what"
4. and his muscles.

He loves superman! I will catch him standing on the side table, muscles out, diving head first into the sofa, yelling, "suppppppermaaaaaaannnnnn"!

i LoVe mY bOyS


  1. I love how you blog so much about Marcus' "friend", ha ha.

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  3. I love that you guys have two boys like us and you go through the same things we do.....I just love having boys! Ike says he doesn't have any girls in him, so be ready...but i'm not so sure! I just laugh when I read some of your posts because my boys are doing the same things!!!! As I'm typing right now Dane is watching his favorite TV show, holding pizza in one hand and reaching down his pants with the other and scratching his butt!!!! TOO FUNNY!!!

  4. oh tell me about it! day and night difference with caisen and anela. it's actually kind of funny!