Another year wiser!

Happy Birthday Daddeo!

When I first got married I didn't know what to call Ron. My culture taught me that I was never to address someone older than me by their first name- it is considered rude. But I wasn't exactly comfortable with calling him "dad" right away. So in my transition, Ron became my Daddeo!

Daddeo, I hope that you have a great day celebrating your 39th birthday...again. Thank you for all of your kindness, love, & support throughout the years. You are a wonderful father who has instilled great values into your son's, for that I thank you! I love to see your face light up when you see your grandchildren; even if Marcus is jumping on top of you, making you crawl around on the floor or hiding under the blanket until he's sweaty! We love it all!
Grandpa, Marcus & Lohena July 2010
Ron, Cameron & Jason December 1981

and We LOVE you!

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