New credit card with 79.9% interest rate

This year I decided to be a positive blogger, and I absolutely hate to plague my blog with anything negative, but this is just outrageous. So instead, let's call this a WARNING; a sign of the times. Targeting those with already sub-par credit, this could possibly be the new trend-to "help" those by leading them directly to the prevalent, vast black hole where many Americans vanish everyday! Besides this unfathomable number 79.9%, the real kicker is: people have already applied for this card. We don't need new credit cards people, we need a financial EDUCATION!

the article-http://finance.yahoo.com/banking-budgeting/article/108839/issuer-of-79.9-interest-rate-credit-card-defends-its-product?mod=bb-creditcards

*On that same note PLEASE BE CAREFUL when applying for loan modification plans because what you may not know, even though your BANK has you on the program, is that your credit score will pay SEVERELY! Be aware and active in all of your finances!

invest in your financial education!