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Now that 2010 is here, our family has decided to take the time to follow a few necessary steps to make our lives, jobs and pockets not only more successful and stress-free, but happier. Isn't that what we all want? To be carefree, financial freedom, and most importantly: HAPPY!

I was just thinking about how many people out there aren't really happy. Well, how can they be? We are in the middle of an economic crisis. Every single one of us knows someone who has lost a job in the last year, has lost their home or has suffered a tragic loss somewhere along the line. So how many people out there are happy, or have even thought about their happiness. Sometimes we are so consumed with our everyday lives that we do not even notice that we are not happy or even content at that.

Cameron and I have been making conscious efforts to ensure our happiness, or at least be prepared if our happiness is threatened.

First of all our belief in Jesus Christ is our foundation. Yes, I am Mormon or more politically correct, LDS (Latter-day Saint). Meaning what? That life to me takes on a whole new perspective. I know who I am, I know my purpose, and I know that there is a life after death. Make your family your priority. Find a way to balance your life. A good way to do that is through Family Home Evening- involving the whole Family once a week. This is a great way to keep you and your family organized on weekly events and gives you a chance to look over your budget. It also serves as a reminder to be grateful for all that we have. http://www.lds.org/

Start out with these 10 steps:

1. Decide to make 2k10 a FANTASTIC year! Our minds are the most powerful tool that we possess. Thinking powerful and positive thoughts is only half the battle. Make sure that you surround yourself with positive people as well.

2. This is advice that I have learned the hard way. Keeping up with the Jones' will make you broke or worse, put you into some serious debt. Besides for all you know, they could be in debt too! Be Happy with who you are and what you have! Believe me, It can ALWAYS be WORSE!

3. Service does wonders for the soul. Help someone else out for a change. And it doesn't have to involve any money!

4. Map out your year. Start with the END in mind and make some worth-while goals.When you write things down you are more likely to accomplish them.
-Write it down
-Take Action
-Stay Consistent
CHALLENGE: Cameron and I have set a goal to be "beach body" ready for the summer. We have been using the P90X program & diet, and so far I have lost 6 lbs.

5. Protect your FAMILY! Do you have life insurance? Is your policy up to date? This simple and minimal expense is so important to you and your family. Talk about stress off your back! Who knows when and under what circumstances we will leave this life?!

6.Be a Better Employee/ Business Owner. Accountability, Integrity and Self-Worth bring a sense of value to you and your every day job.

7. Learn Something new! Take the time out to read a book or study something that you have a desire to learn. Make the time to learn something new.

8. Review your expenses. Keep an eye on that Credit Card. How can you cut back? For us, we have chosen to keep our eating out to a minimum. I guess it comes down to WANT or NEED?

9. Make more money! I know, I know! How can?!? People are hardly getting jobs as it is. Well, be CREATIVE! Have a garage sale, Craig's list, eBay etc. I have recently started babysitting and nannying. Think outside the BOX. If you are determined you will think of something.

10. Increase your "rainy day" fund or pay Down your debts. How??? Although the only debt we have is our mortgage, we have been on a different program for about 4 months and in the first 2 months we were able to pay down our principal on our mortgage $5,000! NO tricks! BELIEVE IT!! http://www.101financial.com/
So here's the CHALLENGE:
Cameron and I bought a $12,ooo F-250 in December and using our 101 financial we have set a goal. A goal to have our new truck paid off by Cameron's birthday, May 1, 2010! Think we can do it? Follow me on my journey!

Other than that, I cannot foresee the future; and things happen that set us back from our goals; but prepare yourself and take the time to invest in your happiness!

Be HAPPY in 2010!

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  1. paying off debt..that is also my goal this year! It is sort of a pain but very worth it.