Look out weekends cus here we come

lohena & kanohea in a FREE stroller 2010

"It's Aloha Friday, no work `til Monday..."

In Hawaii every Friday morning they usually play this song on the radio, to signify the end of the work week and celebrate the start of the weekend. Besides the fact that Friday means the work week is over, well, for most of us anyway. It also means that we get daddy for more than a few hours at a time; BUT also it means "Freebie Friday"!

One of my favorite websites, posts every Friday all the things you can get for FREE today and the rest of the month!

For Example of February 1, 2010- the first 500,000 Denny's Customers to register will receive a free burger and fries. http://www.dennys.com/LiveImages/Users/SuperBowl%20PressRelease.pdf

I've gone to Denny's, fed me and the kids and have paid for nothing but apple juice before. There's no shame in it!
So check it out!

Also, BE SMART & CREATIVE. Pay attention to the museums and places in your neighborhood, there should always be a day where admission is FREE.

Just to name a few in my area:

  1. Children's Museum of Tacoma-1st Friday is FREE
  2. Experience Museum Project and Science Fiction Museum- 1st Thursday 5-8pm is FREE
  3. Kids Quest Factoria- Fridays 5-8 FREE
  4. Museum of Flight- 1st Thursday 5-8 FREE

Who said being FRUGAL wasn't FABULOUS?!

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