Shame on me, it has been way too long! Well, here's a quick overview of what's new!

First of all we are so fortunate enough to be blessed with such great friends and family. Another year has once again, come and gone. Closing out the year with a fantastic Christmas Holiday! I am grateful that although we may not be growing a "money tree" in the backyard, this was the best Christmas to date! Marcus still talks about "yanta", hopefully when he starts to understands the purpose of Christmas, he will also be talking about Jesus Christ; for we know that there is more to life than our material possessions. Our faith in the Lord and Savior makes everything possible.
We had an awesome Christmas, thank you Durrett/Heide Ohana!

With 2009 coming to a close, we welcomed the changes of 2010 with open arms. Spending the New Year in Utah with Alana and Kahi really made me miss and appreciate my Family. Without good family where would we be? I love them tremendously, and I am glad that I hold the knowledge that although we may have our differences, we are Heavenly Father's Children and we are together in this life and the next. Families can be together Forever!

Marcus has been learning his colors, shapes and how to throw a successful tantrum. He is also talking so clearly; and is such a loving and helpful big brother. Lohena, my sweet little man, for Christmas gave me 2 front teeth! Thank you son! He can now sit on his own, crawl a few paces, and loves to eat and sleep. However, this week the boys have been sick. Our days have consisted of sleep, tissues and medicine. After Marcus woke to snakes in his bed, because of a 104 temp. we have been doing our best to stay healthy and devoting most of our time to recovery (sleeping in till 10 every morning.) There is nothing more exhausting than sick, pathetic little babies; who can't sleep.

On that same note, I got a job! I know!! Anyway to help the family...right! :o) Last week I started nanny-ing a family friend's little girl. She is about the same age as Marcus and they have a blast all day long; well, when they aren't fighting! I am surprised at how fast the time flies.

Other than that, Cameron is swamped as usual. Juggling work, night school, a church calling, coaching a little 7th grade basketball team, and US; we use our time with him wisely.

I cannot believe that this year has jump started and January is already almost gone! I hope that everyone had a great 2009, and I wish that you will have an even better 2010!

Happy New Year!
the Heide's

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