We're home!

Well, Marcus and I made it home safe and sound and it has been really nice weather, we have been outdoors everyday since we have been home. On the way home we were so lucky to have gotten an empty seat on the plane. There were only about 4 open seats the whole flight and I got one. I had picked the last row on the plane-on the side, so we had our own little corner to ourselves, it couldn't have been better. Marcus was really good, and he was so intrigued with every little thing, he was busy watching everyone walk by. At first Cam was so sad because when we got in that night Marcus was so out-of-it, Cam thought that he had forgotten who he was, but the next day they were fine. Marcus is feeling much better too! Yesterday we went to the park with a friend, Marcus went on the swings and the slide, I don't have to do anything, he thrusts himself down the slide, like a big boy. It scares me but he LOVES it!! So cute!P.S. Mom- the other day was our first experience of a"floaty" in the bath tub. Abandon Ship! It wasn't very pleasant. I will spare you all the pictures! ;o)

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  1. We are SO excited you are back!! Yay!!! We can have fun again!