OK, so the other day I noticed that Marcus was chewing on something, and when I stopped him to pull whatever it was out, which I could see was brown, I tried hard not to freak out..yep-it was a beetle cockroach! Maybe he liked it because it tasted like chicken....yeah- I think he was just super stoked to catch it. Good job Buddy!


  1. This post, not so jealous, the one thing I didn't like about Hawaii, the cockroaches, yuck. Poor Marcus! Miss you girlie!!!

  2. Eww! I am paranoid about cockroaches. I haven't lived in Hawaii in over 5 years but I still cringe everytime I turn on a light in a dark room. I bet the cockroach was still alive after Marcus tried to chew him, huh? Those things are indestructible. Gross.