Steve & Barry's

The Waikele Outlet Stores just got a Steve & Barry's-a department store-or like an Old Navy store; and everything in it is $10!!! I really wasn't thinking that there would be anything good, but I was so shocked to see this nice clothing store. I went crazy there was so much stuff, men's, women's, kid's, basketball shoes and high-heels. The store features clothing lines from Amanda Bynes and Sarah Jessica Parker. I thought that all Steve & Barry's were $10, but they said that this is just a Promo and the sale will eventually end. If that is the case, I suggest everyone go and stock up!!!! HURRY!


  1. I love Steve and Barry's! I'm so glad they finally opened one up in Hawaii!! I would love to go nuts in there but I restrained myself and just got some really awesome clothes that I just HAD to have! How are you enjoying Hawaii?

  2. oh they have one here! they run $8 and less sales all the time. it's the best! cute stuff ya.
    i miss you mushu!