Throw Back Thursday

Since today is Thursday, I want to show you some of the cute pictures that have come back to my attention in the last few weeks.

This is Cam & I back in 2005, at the Lakers game at the Stan Sherif.
I remember we were just barely married.

My beautiful girlfriend U'i posted this one of us in high school at birthday bash, not too long ago and I just about died. I couldn't even remember where it was. She had to remind me and I just laughed and laughed. So shame.
All 3 of us #mormonmommies!

As a little girl, I was #1 fan of this guy right here.
Every great memory growing up definitely involved this man, my papa.
I love you papa!

Ok, this is not a picture throw back but definitely a throw back!
I bought this the other day off of Amazon for the kids. They think it is so cool! Plus they need to learn about MJ!

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