Lohena's First day of Preschool

Lohena's first day of Preschool
Makakilo Baptist

Remember this kid?

Well he started school today.
Not because I wanted him to but because he was sick of being at home and not having his own friends. At least that is what he told me. 
My two boys couldn't be an more different and I love that. It keeps me on my toes as a parent.
The Lord is constantly reminding me of how different these two spirits are.
Sure, they may be brothers but they are completely different and they should be treated as such.
Just because I went through this whole process I mean same school and all, doesn't mean anything. It's like a whole new adventure...again.

He was so stoked to start, he didn't even say goodbye. 
He loved every moment and according to his teachers made lots of friends very easily. 

I love you so much. Please use that energy for good and enjoy being the little
 social butterfly that you are.
I love you,

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