Christmas 2012

As always, Christmas sneaks up on us. And once the Holiday's hit, this mama is crazy busy. So let me get you caught up to speed.

Our Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon) hosts an annual Christmas dinner where Santa makes a special appearance. It was so much fun and the kids were so excited to see him. Look closely, see how we have a "Hawaiian" Santa. Well, Marcus caught on to that rather quickly and said, "That Santa has the wrong skin!"

They still told him what they wanted, and when they got their little goodie bags, Lohena peeked in and said, "Hey! This is not Gak! (what he asked for)"

These kids I tell you. 
I grew up never really believing in Santa not because we are Grinch's but mainly because we were really focused on our Savior and I think, as you parents already know, it's hard work. So we made sure to merge our traditions. We shared about Jesus Christ's birth and left notes and cookies for Santa as well.

Thank you to all you contributed to make this Christmas fantastic. As always it was exhausting and fun and the kids got way too much. I hope you all had a great Christmas!!!

If you didn't get one, here was our Christmas card. 
Thank you to Alana Yates Photography for the awesome photos.

Palehua Christmas Party 2012

Kids Workshop
December 2012

The Fire truck Santa brought that they sleep in every night.
(If you look carefully you can see their faces watching tv!)

Gingerbread Houses
Mauka Lani Elementary P-3 2012

Letters to Santa

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