A new mommy house

Well, we finally did it. Yep, we moved out.
I finally found a place close to Cameron's work, my parents,
Target and Costco that was not only move in ready, but an unbelievable price (for Hawaii).

We are just a few miles away from my parents, but in our own cozy, little space.
 A place we can call our own.
 As stressful as the move has definitely been,
 we are ready to rock `n roll in our new place,
beside the few major details, like we don't have any furniture besides our beds-
Other than that, the kids are so excited and they are loving their new space.

I will post some pictures soon.
But for now, here are some recent pics of the kiddos.
As exhausting as they are, I live to see their beautiful, smiling faces
 and be knocked over with bear hugs. 
They are so CRAZY!

Side note: This week end Kahala (my sister) watched the kids while Cameron and I moved.
She was exhausted!
They ate all her food, destroyed her house, sharpied her fridge and broke the fan.

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