Families For Real Pre-School

Marcus started Preschool.
That sentence makes me feel proud, happy, sad, and old.
I cannot believe that my little boy is starting preschool.

He was super apprehensive about it, but now he looks forward to it. It is a transitional school that encourages the families to participate. We go once a week and I pack him a lunch, he brings his backpack, he paints, sings and plays basketball, he even made some friends. he is doing so well, at the end of school he said,  "Mom, I think we can go back again."

He brushed his teeth, wore his new outfit Great Grandpa Durrett bought him, grabbed his sack lunch and bag and told me to hurry up! He said, "we're gonna be late already." He is learning to write his name, so he can get a library card.
Not bad.
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This kid makes me nervous. He is so clingy, and like his mommy afraid of anything new. But slowly, slowly, he is making progress. So proud of you Marcus.

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