Life in Paradise

Well, we have been "home" now for quite sometime and I can honestly say that I and I am sure others are disappointed in my blogging skills, or shall I say the lack of. Things have been pretty crazy here. I finally got a cool new camera (Cannon T1i) and a new computer to keep up with all the pictures I have been taking. So here it goes; Cameron has a new job which he enjoys, but works like crazy. But, we are so grateful for him and all that he does for our family. The kids just play outside all day everyday, and even though we didn't bring a lot here with us, we have already accumulated more than what we have in storage waiting for us back in Washington; at least in toys.

Other than that, Cameron and I are the cub masters in our ward's Cub Scout program, which we enjoy very much. Marcus and Lohena play at the local YMCA every week while mommy gets a break, I mean a work-out and next week Marcus will be starting a transitional preschool program at Pearl Highlands Elementary. Lohena runs a muck like always, and I have re-kindled a few childhood friendships and my love for volleyball. In fact, my women's team will be traveling to the Big Island this month to compete.

I am not one for change, and I have been struggling every day with this new chapter in my life. However, I promise I will get back to blogging and my passion for life; because there are too many good things in my life not to share.


  1. I'm glad you are back lady! But I know those two boys must keep you busy busy busy!

  2. Yaye!!! happy to have you back, loved all the pictures. Thanks for sharing