Kiss of Death?

If you know my dad you will not only laugh out-loud at this picture, but you will agree that this picture captures the very essence that is my father. This hard-working, business man knows how to hang up his "Aloha Shirt" and rock out to Beatles Rock band. He is constantly surprising us all by volunteering to take me to the swap meet on a BUSY Saturday morning; he has been seen venturing out to Walmart, by himself; and even takes credit for fixing things around the house. But best of all he does a fantastic "daddy dance". {you'll have to see it to believe it!}

Well, the other day my mom sent out a mass text message about poor dad. Poor, because his lip was swollen. Why? Because a centipede bit him. Yup...a centipede bit his lip! I know, I know, How?  He was snoozing on the living room floor, and mom summoned him upstairs. Before he got up to leave, he rolled over to grab his glasses. Wouldn't you know it, he rolled right on to the centipede (who may have also been snoozing) and it stung him right on the lip. I guess you could say it was his own dang fault. Love you dad!

Hope you feel better daddy!