Uncle "Piko"

Everyone LOVES uncle "Piko"!
He never misses a BEAT,
We were SAD he had to go
But, he's coming back to TRICK-OR-TREAT!
For some reason Marcus keeps calling Paka, Piko (yes like his belly button). He didn't want him to leave, and I must say, it is the saddest and yet the cutest thing. After we dropped Paka off at the airport (Marcus cried a little) to go see our other brother and sister in Utah, Marcus came home and scanned the whole house asking, "Piko, where are you?" When I told him, "remember, he went bye-bye airplane" Marcus shot up, grabbed his boots and said, "yeah, yeah c`mon mommy, let's go!" ;o)
He is always talking about Piko, and today at bath he said "Uncle Piko, come home!"
you are missed!
guess we'll have to move home soon!

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