Lately, my family has been full force with trying to get our genealogy in order. Unfortunately, due to many different reasons, we have kind of hit a rough patch. If anyone can offer me any advice on where to look, who to contact or simply want to help I would really appreciate it! ;o) Also, if you are a HEIDE and just happen to stumble upon my blog please leave a comment so we can get in contact!



  1. guys im in a family history class right now! are you looking for search engines? or websites? just call me i know and byu pays for its students to use ancestry.com footnote.com and worldvitalrecords.com because those are not free websites. Also byu library is the only other place in the world besides salt lake where you u can look at microfilm and microfiche of newspapers and request from salt lake. let me know

  2. I just went through that class at church and learned the new lds system, but it's so hard b/c both sides of the family no one knows anything, and lots of immigration! yes, please hook me up with ancestry!!