Sleep Training

Last week I set up the crib and decided to
bunk the two boys together in the
same room. I was so sad about it,
but decided it was time.
Lohena has been so good, he rarely cries instead just falls asleep.
I was so concerned that Lohena would keep Marcus up
but it seems to be the other way around.
Luckily, they both sleep through each
other's noise! Marcus on the other hand now
wants to fight us every night! ;o(
I am just so grateful for an easy-going child,
(I guess the 2nd child has to be!)
the last two nights he has slept over 10 hours!!!!!
Thank you!


  1. lucky, lucky girl!!!
    Both my kids have been diagnosed with medical sleeping conditions - so we CAN'T put them in the same room together!! I can't wait until their old enough to be stuck together :)

  2. tyler says he looks like hes gonna be O-LINE! HAHAH go LOHENA HEIDE!!