Puyallup Fair & James Taylor

Last weekend Cameron surprised me with tickets to the
James Taylor Concert at the Puyallup Fair.
Apparently, this annual fair is a BIG deal.
I'm talking 20 times the size of the 50th State fair, with a lot made for the fair grounds. It has been around for years and every year along with the fair there is a concert series-an artist every night of the week for the 2 weeks the fair lasts.
Saturday night we arrived early and got to walk around the fair grounds,
and had some yummy treats. This is Cam waiting in the long line for the must-have "elephant ears". They were yummy, I wish I could have had my own, but the DANG thing was $6.50! Come on NOW!We Gobbled it right up! Waiting for the concert to start.
We had good seats! (No front row, but pretty dang good!!!!)

James Taylor was nothing short of phenomenal; what else to expect! I have seen him once before a few years ago, courtesy of my wonderful father, (front row might I add) and it was just as good!And Lohena slept the whole time!

{sneek peek-This is for you Alana}

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  1. that is really neat! MMMM I love elephant ears...had my first one this summer actually.