Grandma "Nana" Durrett

i absolutely love my mom, i hope she knows.
i LOVE her because she is kind and always helpful.
she never speaks unkindly about anyone and she is extremely patient.
she is the embodiment of the "aloha" spirit~always willing to give.
i especially love her because she makes me laugh!
when she was here we went to the park with marcus.
he was riding this chair type toy that spins.
my mom decided that it looked like fun and jumped on with him....
next thing you know, she is flying off tumbling and rolling in the grass.
{i'm talking crazy hair with grass in it and all down her back!}
we ALL laughed...HARD!
...she got back on of course!

We LOVE you nana, come back soon!

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  1. Hey kamaile, we went private with our blog, and I don't have your email address. If you want to still look at it from time to time, email me at megannaihe@hotmail.com. Your mom seems amazing!