Our Daycation!

The day seemed to be going in our favor. Saturday morning we woke to a crisp cool breeze covered by a blanket of warm sunshine. Today is the day I thought as I got out of bed. Today is the day we go to the Northwest Trek. Excited for my children and their experiences that I knew the day would hold, I was in a great mood! Homemade waffles from scratch was in order and then to set off on our 2 hour journey into the wilderness. What could be better? The kids will sleep on the ride down, have the time of their little, short-memory lives and be so exhausted that they will sleep on the way home...so I thought!

Well, it took us a little longer to get going but we did. We arrived at the part around noon, which meant Marcus was ready to eat! No problem, today is your day I said, (since he was extremely patient on the ride there) you can have whatever you want...of course he didn't know that the birthday money he got from Aunty Alana and Uncle Tyler, and cousin Kira would be at the mercy of his every wish and demand.

When we arrived we found parking right away, because we were early enough; and then Lohena started crying. What's the matter? (Time for food, probably it had been a 2 hr. drive.) I sat in the car to feed him while Cameron loaded up the double stroller, and the oh-so-needed diaper changes in the trunk. We were pretty early and I'll admit...I was proud!

And then ...What is that?! ~You mean this yellow spot on my jeans....Lohena pooped...everywhere! Poop to his neck and across his shoulders this called for an emergency 2 man, tag-team change. After 15 minutes or so, we managed to clean him up (purell Cam's hands) and keep Marcus occupied. I decided not to worry about the poor onesie that took such a beating and tossed it instead of letting it ferment in the trunk by the sun. By the time we were done the parking lot was full and the park was full...but we were clean!

Needless to say, we decided against our better judgement and I am so glad we did! We had a BLAST! I'm not sure who had more fun!
on the tram to see the free roaming animals!



mountain goats

baby bison

huge elk running away

the view from the top of the huge 435-acre of free roaming land

a goat-I could have reached out my window (that had no screens) and touch if I so desired.

All in all it was a fantastic day.
Although Marcus refused to sleep either way and instead insisted on waking his sleeping brother by putting his shoe in his face.
And what better way to end the day but by Marcus walking straight into the concrete block in our parking garage and knocking him to his butt!??
...I guess he deserved it!


  1. what an eventful day!! sounded like it was fun...especially the diaper change... :)

  2. Did you really leave that poopie onsesie in your car?! That tour looked fun for Marcus!

  3. that looks really fun I'll have to try it sometime!