Thanks AJ.
Quirk: a peculiarity of action, behavior, or personality; mannerism.


1. I snore and I absolutely hate it. If you ask me if I snore, I will absolutely deny it! (thanks mom)

2. Whenever I talk, I tend to overuse my hands, especially when I am excited.

3. I have to sleep with the blanket all the way up to my chin and I HAVE to shake my leg to fall asleep.


4. I TALK a lot. Sometimes, well let's say often when I am explaining something my mind starts to wonder and I not only start babbling, but I will stop dead sentence and not know what I am talking about. (It drives Cameron absolutely insane!)

5. My mother is always late, so I try extremely hard to be on time for things and end up speeding because I am always late.


6. I am generally a laid back person, I love to socialize and have a good time, I LOVE to LAUGH, but I am probably a little too mature for my age. I am constantly wondering why my friends do such stupid things and why they are so flaky; which explains why I gravitate to older people.

7. I am a very passionate person. I easily obsess about things like Twilight or John Mayer...just to name a few....Once again things that drive Cameron Crazy! And often times you offend me and it is the absolute end of the road for you! I will swear it up and down, and then 5 minutes later I totally forget.

8. I am a total middle child. I grew up the middle of 5 and unfortunately have become the middle ground. When people have problems I am usually the first person they call to vent to.


9. When I am working hard on something or really focusing, my mouth does this funny grinding thing. I used to tease my mom for doing it, and then I started doing it! Or I really hate when I make a face and people tell me, that it looked just like a family member!

These are just some of my quirks! I tag, Heather, April, Pomai, Carol, Nanea, and Amaile. You don't have to share your quirks if you no like!


  1. I did that one cuz AJ tagged me too. check it out on xanga.com/imallheart

    that's where I post my tags!! haha

  2. oh and I love that you forget what you're talking about cuz I do the SAME thing! I talk about something and then the next second, I'm like..wait...what did I just say? AND I totally do the same thing where I get totally mad, swear I'll never talk to them ever again and then...I forgot and I talk to them like 2 seconds later!! ;D

  3. i will never forget you shaking your freakin leg to sleep.
    haha, good times!