Midnight Sun

So everyone knows that I obsess, and one of the things I obsess about is the Twilight Saga. Well, I was snooping around on someones blog (I don't even know them, it was just a link to a link which lead me there. This is a prime example of why you should make these things private ;o) ) ANYWAY, (see distracted) I saw that someone illegally leaked out one of the unfinished parts of the book Midnight Sun, and Stephenie Meyer is so sad about it that she decided that she would and could not finish the book!!

So, thanks a lot who ever did that!
Now, for the rest of us, we will never know! Stephenie Meyer posted a blurb about it on her site, and explains it all. She even posted what unfinished and unedited part was leaked in hopes that we wouldn't feel guilty about trying to search the web for it!




  1. So funny!! I was snooping online and read that same thing about how she decided not to publish it now!! DANG IT!!!! Let's hope she changes her mind...glad to hear you're a twilight geek like me. haha

  2. SERIOUSLY!! I'm so upset! I really want to know what Edward thinks! C'mon! I hate people that ruin things for the rest of us!! What is up with that?!

  3. oh i know. SO GAY! i'm really mad. edward is my secret love affair and i'm his wannabe vampire love. LAME!

  4. hi kamaile! so yes I read midnight sun and I hope that someday she decides to finish it because I would buy it! and this is random but since you are living in washington....we are about 99% sure we are moving there next summer so my question is...could you recommend a couple towns that are nice/affordable/not too far from seattle/with good school districts? You can email me. singinchikk@yahoo.com

  5. I have finished the last book and I totally love it! I wanna be a vampire :) Weird. Dallas thinks I am crazy for liking these books, but he likes the Hills so ha! He would actually probably like these books....how can you not?