12 month check-up

Yesterday I took Marcus to his 12 month check-up to see how he is doing and progressing. No worries here, he is doing great and even showed off for the Dr. by standing for her and taking a few steps. He cried when he got his shots of course, but he loved the band-aids! Let me just tell you, the sweet, innocent, mellow child that I once knew is long gone. Replaced by a super-active, kalohe (rascal), little thing, I can honestly say that I am a little nervous for what the future may hold with this little one! Well, here is his "report card".
(Next time I go to the Dr. I will not be posting my report card! ;o)

Weight: 25.5 lbs/75-90%
Length (height): 33.5 in/97+%
Head: 48 cm/90%

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  1. so big already! i miss you guys! hope you're enjoying your new place:) it's always fun decorating!