Look out weekend...

Ok, so I have lots to say!

1. I promised everyone, (like any of you really care) that I would do a follow up to my "Work Out" blog I did a while back; well I have made some progress! Weight Lost: 4 lbs! Whoo hoo.

2. Last night my girlfriend April and I had girls night in. We watched P.S. I Love you and it was so good; of course we cried like the whole time, but it was good. I had so much fun, literally it felt like I was in high school again. Slumber party!

3. So, Cameron finally caught his fish. Just so you all know, it is 9 pm and Cam and his buddies are still fishing. Cam and his friends have been on this fishing 'high' so they won't stop until they catch something...all together, FISH TOTAL: 1

How many men does it take to catch one fish?
oh ya, he said I HAD to tell you all that the only reason why he caught and brought home this little fish (he felt bad because I told him he should have let the little fish go, it was like killing a baby Marcus fish! i know i'm bad) was because he caught it and the hook got stuck in the stomach and the poor fish bleed and died, so he had to bring it home. Whatever, I don't really care it's not like he is a killing machine. Keep in mind: FISH TOTAL: 1

4. It has been so nice the past couple of days so we have been in the sun! Today Marcus and I went to a friends house to swim in their pool, we absolutely loved it, I can't wait to take him to the beach!

Here he is drinking out of his straw cup! I discovered that he could suck through a straw when I let him hold my jamba juice! Big mistake!


  1. First, I had a blast with you, we HAVE to do it again soon! Super Fun!

    Next, I am so jealous that you were able to keep cool yesterday. We were SO hot! Poor Max was all sweaty. I actually thought of heading to my parents or sisters since they have a/c, but we made it through.

    Last, Congrats to Cam for catching the fish (very pretty I might add), so does this end the "I have to go fishing because I have to catch a fish now"? Or does it just add fuel to the fire?

  2. ok...hold on please tell me what kind of work outs your doing.. so i can get some weight off.. and in this last picture with daddy and marcus, did you do cams hair... i can see a lil' puff in front...lol..well get back at me.. a.s.a.p about the work outs...thanks
    love you guys

  3. SO CUTE! I love all your pictures!
    I miss you guys!

  4. What a cute thing for the pool! Maybe we should try that out with Aaron when we go to the beach...or maybe we should get him in a tub first so he doesn't freak out!

  5. wow, what a cool little pool contraption your baby has. i want one :)

  6. Cam its good to see you caught a fish. I cant wait till I make it out in the next couple of weeks. Where I usually go there is still ice on the lake here in utah. Keep in touch cam. Jeremy