Indiana Jones 4

So, being the geeks that we are, Cameron and I were super excited to see the new Indiana Jones Movie. For Cameron's birthday our friend Tom bought Cam and I tickets to go along with him to the advanced showing at 12:01 Wednesday, the morning of the release date. Unfortunately, we couldn't make it and we went the next night. BUT let me just tell you, you make think that we are geeks, (we even stood in line at the Star Wars release, all the way wrapped around the Mililani Theatre building...in the rain!) BUT these guys BEAT US...when we went to exchange the tickets for the following night there were these two older gentlemen, just nerds; definitely not married dressed up in full Indiana Jones outfits. Khaki pants, ropes and hats...the whole thing! And the best part was I think they were anticipating a line for the 12:01 showing, so they played it safe and showed up early at 8 pm! YES, 8 pm. Besides me and Cam, the girl working the ticket booth, and maybe a few people in the parking lot, there wasn't a single soul. So these geeks walked into Barnes & Noble to waste some time, you know 4 hours or so....
Anyway, the movie was action-packed and fun. Shia LeBouf (I hope I spelt that right, AKA Even Stevens...gosh I loved that show ;o) good memories was good and entertaining. The movie definitely lingered for a possible Indian Jones 5...starring Shia. Anyways, I'm not one for cheesy action movies, but it was surprisingly good and entertaining, despite a little bit of a dramatic and bit cheesy ending. Other than that Cameron's only complaint was that the movie didn't really tie into the first 3.

*My rating: 2 thumbs up

*Those are not my thumbs.


  1. we saw it last night, and it was very entertaining(!!) but we were weirded out by the *SPOILER* spaceship part.(??)

  2. Still waiting for my special post! Err :)