Memorial Day Weekend

I know that this may be a little late, but this past Memorial day weekend, Cameron, Marcus and I, journeyed down to the town of Elma, hidden in a far away land. Well, about 2 hours away. If you haven't heard of Elma, (you're not the only one) it is past Olympia, and about 3o minutes from Aberdeen. There we visited Jason, Cam's brother and his family, where we helped celebrate our nephew Miles' 3rd birthday and my ever so beautiful, very pregnant sister-in-law, Sissel's 29th birthday...again ;o)

Marcus had lots of fun playing with his cousins and eating lots of junk food!! Marcus and Miles.

And while uncle Cam slept, Sela played dress up. Whenever Sela finds out that we are coming over she hides all of her hair things so Cam doesn't steal it from her. But she kept asking me, what can we do to make Cam look like a girl...this is the best we came up with. ;o)

I even got my hair done by Sela...

Then later we went to The Olive Garden. It was so yummy. Marcus decided that he is "over" baby food and is now eating mac`n cheese and this morning he ate 1 1/2 pancakes!

And of course this is what happens when there are three kids and a pregnant woman. ;o( haha. oh well we had fun!


  1. We missed The Heidi Ohana this weekend but it looks like you "girls" had a fun weekend.

    Isn't it so much fun when you babies start eating regular food? I love that step ;)

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  3. I'm having issues today - sorry I spelled Heid"e" wrong. Love, Heathe

  4. time for a NEW post of Hawaii! i need to see pics bad! i'm home sick already!
    love you.