Washington Family

This November we spent Thanksgiving in Washington with our friends and family. We were so fortunate that Cameron was able to take off 3 weeks. It was such a nice vacation and break from our everyday life that we struggled to come back to reality! I kept joking that we were suffering from PVD-Post Vacation Depression.

Anyway, the cousins picked up exactly where they left off, screaming, playing and running around the house. Between the two brothers, there are now SEVEN grand kids. So needless to say, it was a riot. I hope we can do it again soon!

Layla-3mo, Sela-10, Lohena-3, Marcus-5, Liam-4, Miles-7, Scarlet-5mo.

Scarlet & Layla

Layla & Daddy

Heide Cousins and Great Grandma Margit

Sela & I
Nana and her newest grand babies

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  1. sounds like a fun trip! it's fun to travel to visit family.