Alana in Canada

This past Memorial weekend, will be without a doubt one of the many family trips we will remember; partially because it was our first official Heide Family Vacation, and because it was the first time I got to leave the country. Cameron surprised us all by taking us to Canada for the whole weekend, just us...and yes, we survived!

This was the first time, just us four vacationed; alone. It was so much fun and yet totally and completely exhausting! We took the Clipper up to Victoria B.C. Canada, and decided not to take a car...so just because I was on vacation didn't mean I vegged out.

I took so many pictures, too many for blogger probably, but I promise I will share some of the cool things we did. Like touring an old-style authentic castle, my hunt for a bakery, antique row, the cigar shop we just had to stop in, the beautiful waterfront and gorgeous Parliament building.

We stayed in a cute Chateau hotel in a 2 bedroom suite (good job Cameron!) not too far from the waterfront. But there was this street we continued to pass, and every time I thought of my little sister, Alana Yates.

This falls into the category of doing more and seeing more. I am truly thankful that we are able to make these memories. I would never have imagined being able to or being able to afford vacations like these a few months ago. However, after we were able to pay off our $13,000 car in 6 months, we are continuing to work on our mortgage, but we can seriously feel the financial freedom, allowing us to make trips like these possible. www.101financial.com/camkam

Thank you so much Cameron, we had so much fun!
Some serious memories were made, ones I will never forget!

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