Little Opihi

Ok guys, so I opened an ETSY account called Little Opihi
I named it that because of Marcus, my little opihi!
I am pretty new and will continue to list items and make it nice;
but I am currently featuring
Hawaiian Print Flowers for your hair, 
some cute baby slings that you can custom order. 
I will also be featuring cute sling bags 
and adorable little hula girl skirts and outfits.

Thanks for looking! 

OPIHI: The Hawaiian word for Limpet or sea water snails.
It is a rare, expensive delicacy that is very difficult to remove
because they stick to the coral and rocks.
{Inspired by clingy little Marcus}


  1. yay for etsy accounts :) i'm gonna open one soon too! look for it!

  2. Congrats for that - that's a big deal!!
    I can't wait to go check it out :)

  3. that sounds like fun....can't wait to check it out cause I'm looking for cute baby sling for baby #3!!!