Burda Style

Lately I have been "crafting" all of these fun projects.

Unfortunately, it consumes me (i mean, still in my pajamas consumes) but more importantly, the ENTIRE house!

I recently found this website that I absolutely LOVE!

It is called BurdaStyle,

and it is a place to swap or buy patterns and show others what you have made.

I found this pattern for FREE (gotta LOVE FREE stuff)

printed it and made this adorable "Charlie" bag!
{the fabric i bought from IKEA and lined it with blue scaps from Marcus' curtains!}


  1. SO cute! I love it! Where is mine? j/k ha ha! BTW I have someone local who contacted me to do a baby boutique sale with her, and I thought you could join in. Perfect to finally sell our items right?

  2. That's way cute! I've totally been on a quest to buy a sewing machine lately! Go, you, for making such CUTE stuff :)

  3. that sounds fun, very cute kamaile!

  4. so cute! I've been on that site but i have never had time to actually MAKE something! I love that you get to make stuff!

  5. You are so talented! Love it!

  6. Love the bag and your choice of fabric. Burda don't seem to have put the pattern on their new website, only the instructions. Have you by any chance still got the pdf of the original pattern? I'd be very grateful if you could let me have a copy. Thanks a million!