It has been almost a month since I have last blogged, and I have gotten into some trouble for it. I am just glad to know that I am loved! ;o) Anyway, So I have a lot of catching up to do...here it goes. Hey at least I am a cheesy, happy slacker!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! This year we were blessed (or call it cursed if you will) with a WHITE Christmas. It was my first one, and they really are beautiful. It really adds something special to the holiday atmosphere. Unfortunately, when it didn't stop, and refused to melt away, I was pretty sick of it! We, like many were trapped on our streets and couldn't leave for many days. Quite frankly, I was happy when the snow melted and the streets cleared again. But, it was fun for Marcus, who absolutely loved the snow, to play and sled down the street with daddy (I apparently wasn't as much fun!) This Christmas was extra special, now that he understood what was happening. Just to see his smiling face, man we have come full circle!
Then, for the New Year, we were able to spend it with my brother Kahi and his wife Krysyan, who is patiently awaiting the arrival of their first son any day, and we had a nice stay and were able to see a lot of family and friends! It was so nice especially for me because I don't have family nearby.Now, we are in the month of February, (my b-day month, p.s. ;o)) and time is just passing bye! Cameron is working and supervising a project away from home and can't return until the weekends, and this may continue on for weeks! ;o( We are so sad and it is only day 2!! Other than that, Marcus makes me watch th emovie Cars a least twice a day, he is getting ready to enter nursery (hallelujah), and he shi-shi-ed in the potty for the first time on Monday! YAY!


  1. yay shi shi boy!!! you better come auntys house and shi shi her toilet:)
    you too moosh! come shi shi my house this month. love you and im so glad you finally updated your freakin blog!

  2. its about dang time.. email me... love you.. miss you!!