Happy Birthday to ME!

So on the 10th I turned the big 24! Unfortunately Cameron has been out-of-town, but my friends made up for it by spoiling me. First Marcus and I were greeted with Krispy Kremes from our friend Tom!! It was yummy! Thank you!! Then for lunch my friends took me out to Red Robin, the best place for strawberry lemonade. ;o) After, I spent the rest of my day with my #1 man, Marcus, and then finished up getting to do what I love, play volleyball!! (see the box) Overall it was a great day! Thank you everyone! But on Saturday, Cam and I are gonna go rollerskating to make up for it!! I will let you know how it goes!! ;o)


  1. Happy Birthday! I love Krispy Cream, but I rarely ever eat it. I am so jealous. Hope you enjoyed your birthday with your little man.

  2. Happy belated b-day again! Those krispy creams loook soo yummy right now...I'm so jealous you have it there in Seattle! Actually that is probably a goood thing we don't have it here...

  3. yum crispy creams! who needs a birthday cake when you've got crispy creams?! happy belated birthday! your son is soo adorable and soo big already and potty trained..i'm jealous! anyways, hope your family is doing great! when's the next one..c'mon kamaile!! lol